Carpinteria Agriculture

Through the years, utilizing the unique growing conditions in the Carpinteria Valley, growers have been able to cultivate a wider variety of crops. Avocados, commercially grown here since the 1930's, now flourish in more locations than ever before. It is estimated that about 20 percent of the avocados in Santa Barbara County are grown in the Valley, mostly the prized Hass variety. And for the past two decades local growers have been producing a variety of exotic fruits, cherimoyas, white sapotes, passion fruit and other subtropical treats, now shipped to upscale markets in this country and around the world.

Carpinteria Agriculture

Since the 1970's flower growing has been big business here, and blooms from Carpinteria's greenhouses and fields appear in wholesale and retail outlets all over the U.S. and Canada as well as on Tournament of Roses parade floats.

Growers who used to produce one crop now grow three or more, and high technology methods are cutting production costs, increasing yields and developing more beautiful plants. Over 16 varieties of green and flowering potted plants and 40 varieties of cut flowers are grown. Today in the Carpinteria Valley over 30 nurseries are dedicated to this demanding, yet rewarding, industry.

There are several nurseries open to the public for individual or group tours. Call the Chamber of Commerce for information at 805-684-5479x10. 

Self-Guided Nursery, Yard & Floral Tour

What a great way to spend a day in Carpinteria, for locals and visitors alike. Beginning along Carpinteria Ave, drive towards Santa Barbara. Shortly after you cross Linden Avenue, watch for Elm Street on your left where you'll find Carpinteria Landscape Nursery, 933 Elm Street. You're encouraged to bring your lunch and enjoy their peaceful surroundings — a quiet escape for a workday lunch and expert advice for ailing plants. Continue on along to 4620 Carpinteria Ave to Eye of the Day where you'll find a vast selection of pottery, fountains and statuaries.

Continue on Carpinteria Ave and turn right onto Santa Ynez Road and cross over Hwy 101. At Via Real take a left and continue along to 3680 Via Real to Padaro Floral, where you'll find beautiful flower arrangements, and cut flowers by the bunch directly from local growers. They also do flowers for weddings. Continue along Via Real to Seaside Gardens, 3700 Via Real where you'll experience an "around the world" tour through four acres of extensive gardens, find design ideas and shop a wide selection of new and unusual plants. Continue on to 3450 Via Real, Gallup & Stribling Orchids, where you'll feast your eyes on "America's Largest Orchid Farm" with a breathtaking Visitor Center. After visiting Gallup & Stribling come back out and turn right back on to Via Real and continue about 1/4 mile to Nidever Road. Take a right and continue towards the foothills. Nidever intersects into Foothill where you'll continue about 50 yards to the entrance of Island View Nursery  a gardener's paradise. Amidst the amazing floral and tropicals is a spectacular selection of containers, pottery, fountains, garden art, gift items and outdoor furniture. You're invited to bring your lunch, relax and make an afternoon of your visit.

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