All Along the Beach

Beaches Photo by: David Powdrell

A fascinating feature of the Carpinteria shoreline is its environmental diversity. From coastal bluffs, rookeries, tidepools, an off shore reef, a lagoon, and even a salt marsh, the Carpinteria coastline provides a habitat for a fascinating array of marine creatures. Carpinteria is a bird watcher's paradise. Shorebirds, migratory birds, riparian birds, and upland birds all are present, and with the Santa Barbara Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary as the backdrop, beach walkers frequently see harbor seals, bottle nose dolphin and grey whales just off shore. The tide pools in the Carpinteria State Beach are home to crabs, sea stars and anemones.


The Carpinteria State Beach offers perfect sites to camp out and enjoy. Many of the campsites are on the beach where the sounds of surf and shore birds are a delight. Winter-time sunsets are spectacular. The State Beach features all the amenities of a wilderness campground, but the convenience and comfort of being next to the retail areas of Linden Avenue shops. Campers enjoy restaurants, markets, a movie theatre and other stores.

Beach access in Carpinteria is excellent. Lots of parking, much of it free, can be found in the fall, winter or spring. You can also access the coast from the 53 acre Bluffs Nature Preserve at Bailard Avenue. It's a longer walk to the sand, but one of incredible beauty.

-- Matt Robers, Director of Carpinteria Parks & Recreation

Seal Rookery


You're invited to freely visit the Harbor seal preserve and rookery along Carpinteria's beautiful bluffs. Pupping season extends from December 1 through May 31 each year. Take the Bailard exit and drive towards the beach to locate the parking area and path to the preserve.

Because this is a Federal Marine Mammal Protection area, visitors are asked not to touch, feed or disturb the seals and their pups. Local "Seal Watch" volunteers are usually present to inform the public about the rookery. Do not bring your pet to the viewing area.
Call (805) 684-2247 with questions.