Carpinteria Community Award Past Winners

About The Community Awards Banquet

Though the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1912, incorporated in 1934, the first annual Community Awards Banquet was held in 1958. Originally named the “Citizen of the Year” event, outstanding individuals were recognized for their community service. The event was renamed the “Carpinteria of the Year” and later changed to the “Community Awards Banquet” and is now the Chamber’s signature annual event.


Throughout the years the celebration was held at various venues including The Palms, the Carpinteria High School Cafeteria, Carpinteria Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, Carpinteria Veterans Hall, and the Miramar Hotel in Montecito. Beginning in 1993 the Banquet was staged in a tent at the Carpinteria State Beach but inclement weather brought that to an end in 1998. 

The Community Awards Banquet honors highly esteemed Community Members: Carpinterian of the Year, Large Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Ambassador of the Year, and Outstanding Educators of the Year. Merit Awards honoring volunteers from the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce, Service Clubs, and various Nonprofits are celebrated. A Jr. Carpinterian of the Year is selected from finalists and scholarships are awarded to 3 deserving students. This annual event held each January at a Chamber member venue is highly attended by the community at large. Chamber Board Members and Officers are introduced, and outgoing Board Members are honored for their service. The Annual Meeting portion includes a review of the previous years accomplishments and celebrates the entire business community. 

The Community Award Banquet is the largest recognition social affair of the year and the Chamber is proud to have been the host of this event since its inception. Celebrate Community Unity with us on January 21st, 2017 at the Boys & Girls Club and join the festivities!

Jr. Carpinterian of the Year Application Forms

Congratulations to our Past Carpinterians of the Year

1958 John Moyer*
1959 M.L. “Pop” Haggin*
1960 Ernest McCurry*
1961 George Bliss, Jr.*
1962 A. “Barney” Milne*
1963 Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Washington*
1964 Frank Wood*
1965 Margaret Mills*
1966 Paul Barger
1967 Allan Coates, Jr.*
1968 Rev. John Imbach, Jr.*
1969 Cres De Alba*
1970 John Carpenter
1971 John Risdon*
1972 William Dawson*
1973 Henry Camacho*
1974 Father Francis Roughan*
1975 Edward Macias*
1976 Anna Hebel*
1977 Dr. G. Horace Coshow*
1977 Delphin Kent*
1978 Ernest Wullbrandt*
1979 Richard Hill
1980 Fred Lemere
1981 Chuck Kelsey
1982 Dorothy Campbell
1983 Tyson Willson, Jr.
1984 Sara Macias*
1984 John Fukasawa*
1985 Guy Robitaille*
1986 Ralph Brown*
1987 John Bianchin*
1988 Deborah Murphy
1989 Dr. William Carty*
1990 Thomas Lewis*
1991 John Franklin
1992 Glen* & Martha Hickey
1993 Joe Vasquez
1994 Rob Godfrey
1995 Rose Marie Fanucchi*
1996 Mike Lazaro
1997 Nilo Fanucchi
1998 Betty Brown
1999 Donna Lemere
2000 Bob Lieberknecht
2001 Marybeth Carty
2002 Doug Treloar
2003 Winfred Van Wingerden
2004 John Welty
2005 Michael Damron
2006 June Van Wingerden
2007 Dr. Robert Berkenmeier
2008 Bradley Miles
2009 Karen Graf
2010 Terry Hickey Banks
2011 Roxanne & Wade Nomura
2012 Lou Panizzon
2013 John Cerda
2014 David Powdrell
2015 Mary Crowley