Barrett's Lemonade

PO Box 407
Hunington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: (714) 962-3475 Fax: (877) 536-6626

Why drink Barrett's Lemonade?

Well, if you frequent Festivals, Street Faires, or Carnivals of any type up and down are bound to run into Barrett's Lemonade. They are the bomb....good old fashioned lemonade, shaken not stirred! Now when i mean shaken, i mean shaken....if you've had there lemonade you know what I'm talking about. Now lemonade is not rocket science and yes there is better (more pulpy sweeter) lemonade out there, but not at these types of shows. These guys (and girls) are great...a must try if you ever run into them! You won't be disappointed...

Barrett's Lemonade

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