• Health & Wellness Activists in Motion

  • Consumer demand for wellness services and products are higher than ever, according to research released October 17, 2016, by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). This new data revealed that the global wellness market is now a $3.72 trillion global industry-with 10.6% growth from 2013-2015. 

    The most recent statistics on the ten markets that comprise the global wellness “cluster” provides fresh evidence that wellness is one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and most resilient markets according to GWI. Locally, The Carpinteria Valley Chamber is experiencing a remarkable increase in new members businesses and practitioners that are working to fill the growing demand. All passionate about supporting the community in their quest to embrace a wellness lifestyle during this pivotal movement in which people are taking extra steps to enhance their health and well-being.

    Roland Rotz, PhD., with Lifespan Development Center, has seen the health and wellness industry grow a lot in the 18 years he’s been practicing in Carpinteria, and feels that collaboration will propel that growth even further. “These providers are passionate about providing high quality services in affordable ways. Working as a group, service providers are in a position to learn from and challenge each other to be the best,” Rotz added. “By creating the perfect blend of competition and cooperation, Carpinteria becomes known for its unique and growing wellness culture.”

    Brian Falk is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine who grew up in California. He sees the small size of Carpinteria as a big springboard for growth. “We don’t just have this amazing location, our small town vibe actually creates opportunities to network and support one another.”

    As Patricia Tenyer, L.Ac. with Hara Healing Center pointed out, that support means that practitioners will continue to provide the services, techniques, and tools to help residents and tourists maintain a successful and fulfilling wellness lifestyle. “The people here are very health oriented, lead active lifestyles, and support locally grown organic food year round. When you add to that the businesses that support healthy and active living, it’s easy to see that we have everything we need right here in Carpinteria.”

    The health and wellness industry is a growing business, and for many in Carpinteria - it also drives professionals of diverse key sectors to town. According to the Global Wellness Institutes recent report, the Wellness Tourism market expanded to $563.2 billion (+14%), Beauty and Anti-Aging- increased to $999 billion, Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss grew to $647.8 billion (+12.8%), Fitness & Mind Body-$542 billion (21.4%), Preventative & Personalized Medicine & Public Health-$534.3 billion (+23.5%), Complementary & Alternative Medicine-$199 billion, and Workplace Wellness-$43.3 billion. 

    “The culture here has undoubtedly supported my growth, and my clients and other businesses have been my spokespersons,” added Danielle Bordenave with Spark45 Fitness and Physical Therapy. “People are passionate about spreading the word so that I am successful and can grow and continue to serve them.”

    The wellness industry plays a critical role in leading efforts to ensure that community members have access to the best services, products, and information that promote health and well-being. Jessica Kolbe of Qigong and Tai Chi, teaches classes at the Carpinteria State Beach. Students inhale the fresh ocean air while practicing slow, stress reducing movements and are simultaneously amused by the dolphins and serenaded by the terns. This proactive approach to health and wellness incorporates attitudes and activities that can prevent disease, improve health, enhance quality of life, and brings people their optimum levels of well-being. Those fortunate to live and work in the Carpinteria Valley can experience it all - right here in their own backyard.